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Motion To Quash

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What Is Motion to Quash?

Motion To Quash (MTQ) is a request for the court to hand down  the decision of a previous lower court ruling invalid. This is done when the process of service is questioned. 

Why Are Process Servers Affected?

Process Servers get affected when MTQs are filed against them because it questions their capability and credibility. There are cases wherein a defendant  informs  the judge that they weren’t properly served, and so they file for an MTQ. Getting the motion to be denied is low if return of service has the correct location, and when the defendant was correctly identified. 

Three things the judge needs to know:

A process server must record the return of service of  a defendant’s physical description or address and file it in court.  These should be in place before filing an MTQ:

  1. Defendant was never served with a summons.
  2. No one who lives with the defendant  is 18 years old  or older when the summons was served. 
  3. The lawsuit doesn’t involve the defendant.

The Right Process Server To Do The Job

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