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It seems like the huge demand for service coupled with few industry regulations resulted in nearly everyone venturing into process serving,all thanks  to the increase of debt collection service requests in the civil process service industry since the mid-2000s. Unfortunately, many corrupt activities have evolved and one of them is SEWER SERVICE.

bad process service, headley legal support, no to terrible process serversSewer service is intentionally avoiding sending  the papers on a named person  in a lawsuit, in order to prevent the party from having a chance to respond. It originated from the literal meaning of tossing the papers into the sewers instead of actually giving the documents.

The Result of Sewer Service to the Process Server 

The impact of fraudulent service destroys the industry’s reputation. If a process server commits a fraudulent process service, then the person involved could face jail time and a number of criminal charges could be brought forth against the individual, depending in the state he or she is in. Charges range from forgery, false documentary evidence, to identity theft, all with varying degrees of legal consequences.

sewer service, bad process serving

Finding the Right Legal Support Services

Headley Legal Support Services, Inc. only partners with the right process servers.  Our staff is aware that each jurisdiction has different rules regarding legal process services. To know more, contact us at 954-903-4991 or send us an email:



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