summons, court order, process server, law

Recognizing Process Servers Significance



Process Servers are professionals trained and authorized to perform Service of Process for the court system with critical responsibilities of providing legal documents to those being sued.

A process server’s most important job is to present legal documents to people involved in a lawsuit because courts can’t rule on a case until the papers are served legally. 


Process serving involves two steps such as:

  1. Deliver the legal documents to a defendant or a person involved in a case.
  2. After handing over the legal documents, process servers have to give actual proof that documents were delivered.

Laws vary by state and have their own restricted ways in performing  duties and responsibilities.

summons, court order, process server, law

 What to Look for in a Process Service:

  • Same day process . Hire a process server that offers one day process if you want a quick response with your legal documents.

  • No hidden fee . Always ask  questions about payments before closing the deal so that you won’t  pay more than what you get.

  • 24/7 Status-check. Getting updates with the status of your documents anytime you need is truly important. When hiring a process server, make sure that you are dealing with a company that provides 24/7 status-check update.

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