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How To Hire The Right Process Server

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The Right Process Server  delivers the paperwork without any problems. You can hire an individual Process Server or work with a reputable company to ensure the timely and legal delivery of your papers, be it a summons to court, notice of foreclosure, divorce papers, or any court document. But even if you’ve already done your research, you still end up confused. So we gathered simple things to take note on How To Hire The Right Process Server:


Ensure that the process server will give you a fee schedule that falls within the normal range. It is advisable to watch out for hidden fees. There is nothing wrong with getting someone whose services is affordable, but keep in mind the additional charges, such as a stakeout cost.


Do you want the papers sent out today or next day? Timeliness is very important when it comes to delivering court papers. Inform the server that the papers need to b served on time before the hearing, deposition, or other scheduled court appearance. 


A process server may contact  local authorities to make them aware they will be serving papers and ask regarding the location of the defendant. No matter the method, make sure legal and ethical standards are practiced. 

Manner of Serving

The defendant may not want to be served and will do anything  to avoid being served. If knocking on the door and giving the papers won’t work,  several legal options can be considered as last resort for the process server such as drop service, substitute service and posting. Check with the local process serving companies in your area to for more details. 

 How We Can Help 

Headley Legal Support will quickly and ethically deliver your court papers. We offer a GPS Tracking of attempts made by the process server. If you need help, Fill out this form with all the information  and we will keep in touch shortly. 

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