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How To Defend Yourself From Dog Attacks

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Who Let The Dog Out?

A process server‘s worst nightmare is when a  dog attacks. Obviously, no one wants to be chased and get bitten right? But sometimes, a process server needs to complete the job. So what can we do as process servers to protect ourselves? Here are some tips on How To Defend Yourself From Dog Attacks.

Rule Number 1: Do Not Enter

Dogs are there to protect their owner’s house. It’s best that you ring the doorbell first or knock on the door. If  it’s a gated property, do not attempt to get in until you are sure that the dog is on its leash or that it’s friendly and won’t bite.

Rule Number 2: Bring Dog Treats

You can bring some dog treats with you. The treats will serve as a diversion to distract the beast while you do your work.  Wave the food and throw it away from you to lure the dog out of sight. Be careful not to let the dog attack you.

Rule Number 3: Equip Yourself

Equip yourself with other options and gadgets to keep you and the dog safe. Bring a big bag that you can use as an obstacle for the dog to attack on. If possible, try to see whether the owner is there or not. You can also bring pepper spray or a stick with you. Just be sure to check with your local animal welfare agency if you’re allowed to do so.




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