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Remote Online Notaries: Avoiding The Fake

Remote Online Notaries And COVID-19

We are forced to adapt to the new normal which is doing our businesses remotely. Almost everything is done online to avoid the spread of the virus. Notaries are no exception to this and must adjust. 

Conducting a Remote Online Notary (RON) is very easy. You only need a working computer with a camera (or webcam) and a high speed internet connection. With Remote Online Notary, there’s no need to go outside.

You can have your documents notarized without leaving the comforts of your own home or office, protecting yourself from getting the virus. 

Spotting The Fakes

However, this increases the number of illegitimate notaries emerging on the internet claiming that they can help you with your legal papers without you going to them. What’s worse is having your documents notarized, only to find out that the Notary Public that  you’re dealing with is an identity thief who’ll use your documents for illegal activities.

So how can you tell if the notary is legit? Below are tips that you need to follow to avoid getting duped:

  1. Do Your Research. You definitely want to know who you’re dealing with. Google the business website for reviews, search for an existing address and ask for verification such as a notary ID, licenses and permits before making a transaction. You can also go to the American Society Of Notaries website to check if the Notary can legally operate. 
  1. Request  to see the actual stamp imprint and the validity year before you have your documents notarized. The stamp should be legible and should clearly state the name of the notary, the commission number of the notary and the date when the commission expires. If any of this  is missing, then chances are, this is a fake notary.
  1. Watch out for RED FLAGS. If the notary body tells you that  they can notarize your documents without checking your IDs thoroughly, or if they tell you that they can notarize non-US documents to be used outside of the United States, then you are definitely dealing with a fraudster. The person acting as the notary must be physically online to make the transaction valid. 

Avoid falling victim to these scams by thoroughly scrutinizing the information provided to you by the Notary Public.

You can always check your local state’s website for a list of notaries authorized to perform Remote Online Notary. 

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