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Body Cameras on Process Servers

We’ve heard stories about process servers getting hurt in the line of duty and numerous attempts have been done to address this, all at the expense of the process server. What if the defendant becomes unruly and threatens the life of a process server? How do we protect the process server and show proof that the person served exhibited bad behavior? Will body cameras be of help?

Purpose Of Body-Worn Cameras

Body-worn cameras have been around since 2014 with a goal to promote transparency and accountability when it comes to responding to emergency situations, such as a robbery or arresting an offender.  When everything’s recorded, citizens are nice.

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Pros and Cons Of Having a Camera While Serving

A body camera can give video evidence that the defendant has been served. Footage can also save a process server’s life when threatened. However, abusive use of this technology (i.e. humiliating the person served) can create a negative effect on the process server.

Should we equip all process servers with body-worn videos?

Body cameras are a great way to provide evidence when needed. The process server will decide if he or she would like to use a body camera for his or her own protection.

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