You’re very lucky if you find ones who are also neat freaks and make it a habit to spruce the place up. Unfortunately, in the real world, terrible tenants are very common.  Let’s specifically define what a bad tenant is first, before we find out how to deal with bad tenants at your property.


The CDC Eviction Moratorium has been renewed until July 31st 2021. The extension took place in hopes of preventing the further spread of COVID-19. How can you cope as a landlord or a property owner?

To become an awesome court reporter, you have to make sure that you have the basic skills such as ACCURACY, ATTENTION TO DETAIL and many more.


Why Are Process Servers hated? One reason is misunderstanding. In this blog, we will try to help you avoid conflict with the person getting served. However, please be reminded that these tips will work depending on the situation. It is best to call the police if you feel that you are in harm’s way.

process serving

Process serving can be a rewarding job, but not without some risks involved. There will be days when you will need the help of the police when things get out of hand.