About Us

Headley Legal Support Services has been around since 2008. We are a team of dedicated experts that aim to provide the highest level of legal service. Our legal support services spell PROFESSIONALISM and CONFIDENTIALITY which means we make it our RESPONSIBILITY to keep your legal paper or electronic documents safe and secured. Every detail and instruction that you will provide is taken with utmost care until the assignment has been accomplished. We will take into account your best interest always… ALL THE TIME!


Headley Legal Support provides a variety of services in the legal support industry, from Process Serving to Court Reporting. If you don’t see a service that you seek, give us a call to see if we can assist. With our network of out of State Process Servers we can obtain service within all 50 States. If your firm needs services outside of Florida, please give us a call. Our experienced staff will expedite your job, and make sure it’s done properly following all Local, State, and Federal guidelines.


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