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4 Ways to Find Information of a Homeless Person

Nothing is more challenging to a process server than to serving papers to a person who is almost unreachable. It’s inevitable to encounter serving someone homeless and this can be tedious work.

As of January 2018, there are about 31,030 individuals experiencing homelessness on any given day in Florida according to Continuum of Care to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

Obviously, you need to find the person involved first before serving them. Skip Tracing is the best way to find anyone missing or homeless. Usually, any device that you can connect to the internet is the way to do it. But there are other ways of finding an individual. Interested? Then read on!

1. Look up public records

Going through personal information that is searchable online is always the first step. Start with the basics. Check for any social media accounts such as Instagram, Facebook and others. databases just like you would with other skips.  You can also go through the yellow pages to find a name and address. Most homeless people use an address to receive mail to even if they don’t really stay there. Another tip, the address will most likely be of a relative or a friend. Don’t worry, these are still relevant to your search because the friend or relative can tell you where the subject may be staying.

2. Check law enforcement sources

Documents such as arrest records, court records, criminal histories and others will provide you the possible whereabouts of the person to be served. When checking police reports, run your subject’s name once as a perpetrator and as a victim for more chances of getting a hit. If they do have a record reach out with their parole or probation officer. The case officer is most like up to date with the person’s current location because the subject might have an upcoming case they need to show up for. This is your safest bet to find them to serve papers. Be sure to maintain your case’s integrity and your professionalism as a process server and not serve them in the actual courtroom.

3. Obituaries

You might be surprised to find out if the person you are looking for is dead. Sometimes the obituary will give you a list of the deceased’s relatives and if get lucky, one of those family members may give you a lead on where your homeless subject is. Just a reminder, do not just read the current week’s obituaries. Do an online search in your local paper for similar last names to research years of information.

4. Ask Around Their Neighborhood

Hit the streets to find the homeless person you need to serve. Talk to the locals, who might know the person you are looking for such as a police officer, the local barber or grocer and other homeless people (just be alert and careful). They may not give you the exact location, but they can give you other places where you can conduct your search. Serving the homeless requires strong attention to detail, lots of patience and exceptional research skills. Partnering your basic skip tracing with standard process server safety precautions results to a successful and safe serve. The more you practice specialized process serving, the better you will be.


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