How Eviction Process Works

Evicting tenants can be quite confusing especially if you are not fully aware of the legalities it comprises. Based on surveys, a lot of landlords and property owners often ended up facing implications from evicting tenants due to failure of following the proper eviction process. You can’t just evict bad tenants just like that, they are human after all, and they have all the rights to fight back. Forcing bad tenants to leave your property without following specific eviction process will get you in trouble for sure.


In Florida here’s How Eviction Works

  1. Less Agreement is signed

  2. Problem arises

  3. Landlord and tenants try to solve the issues

  4. Eviction notice is sent

  5. Complaint is filed in court

  6. Landlord and tenant go to court

  7. Either landlord or tenant wins

  8. Judge will decide

For landlords, facing legal ramifications from improper ways of evicting bad tenants can be frustrating, and what’s worst is, you are not doing it all for free. In short, facing legal ramifications and dealing with bad tenants will cause you to lose money instantly. So instead of gaining profit; you’ll reap stress and trouble. Another thing is you also have other responsibilities to handle on a regular basis and not just those bad tenants.

Questions are:

Who can you run to?

Who will help you all throughout without getting yourself facing legal ramifications?


Hire professionals who perform eviction services. Professionals fully understand how the eviction process works and they are authorized to protect you, and your properties while evicting bad tenants.In the United States, each jurisdiction has specific laws that must be upheld when trying to evict a tenant. If you are in Florida, it’s best to hire an eviction service team who has been in the business for a long time.

Apart from hiring professionals, it is also essential that the team you are going to hire knows how to expedite the eviction process in order for you to avoid getting stressed and losing lots of money.

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